Friday, August 31, 2012

Updates (Jul-Aug)

Dear Diary :~  
My vacation almost ended, it was a blast! I met many new people and experienced many more feelings. Canada is a beautiful place with never-ending discoveries, moving around was great! I’m happy I’ll be living there soon :D
1)   Collaboration with Mark Crilley:
I never thought this would actually happen, but I have the personality of “let’s give it a chance”. I’m really happy that my work was colored by Youtube most subscribed artist, and a Manga Artist. It’s a great honor. Here is the video:
Mark crilley was so kind to send it back to me, I’m really lucky! -^_^-
2)   Contest 2012 results
Finally after compiling the top entries, and after the voting has ended, the lucky winner of my contest is Shumijin.  Got more than 47% of the votes. Congratulation to her and BIG thanks to all the artists who joined my contest. Here is the winning prince:

3)   Fanexpocanada 2012 
Was a wonderful experience, I took a photo with Mr. Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman/iron man and many others.  I walked to almost all artists in the artist alley, I met some awesome ones. I remember seeing two I knew from the internet who are Shilin and Ocean-chan! By the end of the day, I spent all my money on posters and manga books.
4)      Manga
I will soon upload the first chapter on youtube (if allowed by publishing company)
I solved few problems (connections) within the story too. I made it more realistic o.o
5)      Youtube
I uploaded the winner prize drawing: and I’ll soon upload more drawings tutorials
Thank you for reading

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hello all
Hope everyone is doing well!

This, after so much wondering around, will be my land for posting my journals! So let’s start with updates!
My 2nd contest:

Going well so far, I’ve received around 70 entries, some are great while some are less great, but I love how some people joined just for the sake of drawing, that’s the whole point of me making this contest. The selection of winners will be hard but there must be a winner! Check out the contest tab in my website to know more about it!

The latest majority request was Sebastian from kuroshitsuji, I tried to integrate this Anime’s style to the video atmosphere. I am not sure how it turned out but people liked it. For the upcoming videos, have no much plans yet but there will be another watercolor painting video, more of a brush-type thing (Maybe ?)

Is going well after major adjustments to the story setting, I will soon upload the first chapter on my website or create a preview video about it on youtube.

T-shirt Shop!
Thanks to the partnership with Spreadshirt, now I have my own T-shirt shop!  You can now have your favorite drawing as a T-shirt (

Thank you all for the support!
Take care