Friday, August 31, 2012

Updates (Jul-Aug)

Dear Diary :~  
My vacation almost ended, it was a blast! I met many new people and experienced many more feelings. Canada is a beautiful place with never-ending discoveries, moving around was great! I’m happy I’ll be living there soon :D
1)   Collaboration with Mark Crilley:
I never thought this would actually happen, but I have the personality of “let’s give it a chance”. I’m really happy that my work was colored by Youtube most subscribed artist, and a Manga Artist. It’s a great honor. Here is the video:
Mark crilley was so kind to send it back to me, I’m really lucky! -^_^-
2)   Contest 2012 results
Finally after compiling the top entries, and after the voting has ended, the lucky winner of my contest is Shumijin.  Got more than 47% of the votes. Congratulation to her and BIG thanks to all the artists who joined my contest. Here is the winning prince:

3)   Fanexpocanada 2012 
Was a wonderful experience, I took a photo with Mr. Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman/iron man and many others.  I walked to almost all artists in the artist alley, I met some awesome ones. I remember seeing two I knew from the internet who are Shilin and Ocean-chan! By the end of the day, I spent all my money on posters and manga books.
4)      Manga
I will soon upload the first chapter on youtube (if allowed by publishing company)
I solved few problems (connections) within the story too. I made it more realistic o.o
5)      Youtube
I uploaded the winner prize drawing: and I’ll soon upload more drawings tutorials
Thank you for reading


  1. You were in Canada?! I live in Canada!!!! ^_^ :D Where did you go??? :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! ^_^ Isn't Mark Crilley awesome?! :D I've been watching his videos for about a year now and he's helped me a LOT with my manga skills! ^.^ You've probably heard this a MILLION times, but you're EXTREMELY good at manga drawing and I really enjoy watching your videos!!!! :D I'll most defiantly buy a copy of your new manga "Ocean of Secrets" when it comes out!!!! Keep up the good work! ;D

  2. Congratulations for the collaboration!! That's awesome sophie :D!
    I am a mangaka too, but it kinds of a long way to go for me to do that haha

    I just recently follow your blog and subscribe your channel so I didn't have any idea about your contest :(, but soon I'll join! ;D

  3. Hey there!
    Just wanted to let you know that you're nominated for the "Best Blog Award", details here on my blog: ^-^

  4. that's sooo cool! I love your art and Mark Crilley. BTW Good Luck on your manga series!