Monday, June 7, 2010

Back on track…

Dear all,

Done with university for a short time, it was the worst year I’ve ever had. I couldn’t have much time for my Manga recently but now I’m back to where I’ve stopped. People say why are you studying engineering in the first place? Why am I suffering?

Surprisingly, I hate studying art; I hate being forced to draw. I’m a self-taught; I discover and develop my own skills. And just recently, I’ve discovered that I really hate drawing for others. The reason why I chose engineering is for my own career, not for me as an artist.

I have created a video about my first Manga, the Manga that I’ve put in all my heart and soul . I believe that this story will turn into an anime. I loved my characters and the reason why I posted only 2 chapters is because of their length. I think this Manga was of a great benefit to both my skills and my confidence. I kept thinking of this as the most precious and unique. But now, The ocean of Secrets is a lot different, not only style but story .

Thank you



  1. am gonna finish today wieeeeee .. screw universities XD !!!

    about ur first manga !! brilliant :D i luv how u developed ur self :D i hope one day i can read ur new manga xD best wishes ^___^

  2. I can understand. I am self taught as well.I can't wait to read your new manga.


  3. That's great Sophie-chan! Good luck!
    Haha same, I hate drawing for others, anyway good luck!

  4. good luck!
    I admire you Sophie-chan! and I want to be a mangaka too when I grow up. Oh, how much time did it take to make a manga? thanks =)

  5. you know what...i admire your talent...thank you for being an inspiration to me...your drawings are so cool...

  6. I totally understand what you say and can empathize. I am self taught, been drawing since I can remember, discover and develop skills is my mantra too. I had trouble deciding what to do art school -vs- engineering. Went with engineering mostly because I was afraid of being told how to do art, plus engineering seemed to have solid financial prospects with respect to career. When I started engineering school I took a drafting class and I thought "this is going to be like drawing, sweet!"...hated it! Way to restrictive drawing tight little shapes, lines, boxes, can you say TEDIOUS & BORING. I too dislike drawing for others, unless I have a lot of say in it. It is like I will do it but it has to be my way. Actually I am sort of the same way with engineering too! I think I rub people the wrong way sometimes, oops! It is just like that I guess for people like us, independent thinkers. I am just about feeling done with engineering after 9 years of it. It feels like it is not as creative as I would have expected when I was learning in university. The bright side is that I am drawing much more, even some manga styled art!
    But it is not too often that you see someones work on-line that has both an artist side and an engineering side. University can be a p.i.t.a sometimes but it is all worth it in the end, it is an experience of a lifetime and like anything has it's ups and downs. I admire you work, it is beautifully done. Good luck to you in both the art and engineering worlds.